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We work on bulk plants, and fueling solutions. Our background is in most common fuels as well as working with waste oil storage. We build, design, demolish, and clean tanks. We can take care of the project from A to Z, and are very flexible when it comes to each job.

Why Choose Great Lakes Tanks?

Built to Code

All our work meets or exceeds local, state, and federal codes.

Creative Turn Key Solutions

Multi-Product fueling stations with card readers or keyfob systems.

Competitive Bids

Great prices, quality parts, installed by trained crews.

Budget Conscious

Save you money without affecting the quality or reliability of the end product.

Money Saving Solutions

Eliminate the middle-man, buy direct fuel with a Bulk Plant.

Years of Background

From large corporations to a small family farm.

Design Services

Spill Prevention Plans
Spill Prevention Plans

Need a SP001 plan? We design/draft Spill Prevention Plans. We can also help you make any necessary changes to be in compliance.

Concrete Plans
Concrete Plans

Looking to get a plan for building a base for a tank, or an entire concrete dike? We can help!

Compliance Plans
Compliance Plans

Looking to bring your current bulk plant into compliance with current EPA, Federal, State, and Local laws?

50 +
years in petroleum
8 +
innovative products
250 +
Bulk Plants Built
30 +
years in design

Visit by appointment only. Our project team is typically out on jobs, if you need to deliver something for them please feel free to deliver it, there are people to assist with that on location 8:00am to 5:00pm M-F (excluding holidays)